The Synopsis

Prismo Metals is a growth stage exploration company acquiring, exploring and developing precious and base metal assets in Mexico and Arizona. The company is engaged in three projects, namely the Palos Verdes Property in Sinaloa, Mexico; the Los Pavitos Project in Sonora, Mexico; and the Hot Breccia Property in Arizona, USA.

In July 2022, the company brought Global One Media on board to bring much-needed work to optimize its web visibility and amplify its brand identity. As a small-cap junior explorer with promising prospects, Prismo Metals needed attention to drive an influx of investments that will power its exploration program.

Our Approach

To cultivate investor attention for Prismo Metal, we modeled our approach around three key goals:

  • Provide a cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy
  • Highlight the company’s value proposition
  • Increase investor awareness

New Website

In line with the set goals, we began our work with a fundamental redesign of the company’s website that will serve as an anchor for our content. The Global One Media team gave the site a fresh, clean look with visually engaging landing pages and clear calls-to-action. We also placed emphasis on the company’s key messages and that important project details stood out.

The company’s website is a one-stop shop featuring full project readouts, updates, press releases, and information about Prismo Metals and its team.

An aesthetically pleasing website, however, is not very useful without traffic. To complement the revamped website, we embarked on an overhaul of the company’s social media channels to drive investor attention.


Prior to Prismo Metals’ engagement with Global One Media, the company’s Facebook page was largely underutilized. In August 2022, we started a new content strategy that revamped posts with captivating images, informative captions, updated bios, calls-to-action, and links to the company’s website.


Our approach for LinkedIn closely followed our style in Facebook. Here we posted content regularly with a focus on project information, company updates, and features from the video content that we produced. LinkedIn is more familiar to businesses and investors and receives the corresponding attention from players in Prismo Metals’ industry.


Similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, we cultivated a professional look for Prismo Metals’ Twitter account, leveraging overlooked features like cashtags and connecting with the investor community active in this channel.


In August 2022, we established Prismo Metals’ official presence on Instagram focused on visual content. Clips and snippets from interviews with company executives and partners are also featured via Instagram Reels.


On TikTok, company executives received coverage from Global One Media’s Stocks To Watch series with highlights from important interviews.


As with YouTube and TikTok, Prismo Metals also delivered live broadcasts though our Stocks to Watch podcast series on Spotify. This series recently garnered a #1 spot in the podcast category for “Investing”.


The company maintained a YouTube account prior to our engagement. It was, however, inactive. Global One Media revitalized the account by creating new video content under the Prismo Metals brand. The account also hosts interviews from other analysts, shorts, and even full-length features from mining conferences.

Additionally, we regularly featured Prismo Metals in our CEO Interview and Stocks to Watch series, providing the company’s executives an avenue to give updates to investors and potential investors about the company’s work. A study by Forbes indicated that almost half of young adults sought financial information from YouTube, giving Prismo Metals an edge in engaging with younger audiences.


From start to end, we developed a full roster of quality and engaging content for Prismo Metals:

• More than 235 pieces of unique content, including;
• more than 179 social media visuals and copies;
• more than 56 feature videos and video clips;
• Delivered a redesigned website;
• Drove traffic to the company’s website via a cohesive omnichannel marketing campaign;
• Attracted interest in the company’s precious metals projects.

In terms of stock performance, Prismo Metals garnered a 63% improvement in its share price between September 2022 and May 2023, marking the end of the first and last months of our engagement with the company.

Towards the end of our engagement with Prismo Metals, the company locked in a strategic investment valued at CA$2,000,000 for its precious metals project at the Palos Verdes property. Having built a solid foundation for its content strategy, we are confident that the company will continue to leverage the investor awareness and interest it gained for future success.