Social Media Management

Using the power of social media to build engagement and brand recognition by fuelling an ongoing conversation with your investors.


Content Creation & Video Interviews

Creating impactful content that will be distributed via blogs, video platforms, podcasts, social media, emails and other channels.


Website Design & Development

First impressions matter, make sure yours is an impactful one. Uplift your digital presence with a high-quality, optimized website.


Email Marketing & Distribution

Making your message reach your customers inbox directly and compelling them to take action by ensuring high clickthrough rates.


Investor Webinars & Virtual Events

Online conferences and hyper-targeted interactive events connecting CEOs of capital market companies with hand-picked, interested groups of investors.


Influencer Marketing & Chat Groups

Access to 300+ carefully selected influencers across 600 social media channels & groups, reaching 50+ million followers.


Our 5-step Process

Strategy & Setup

After gaining a deep understanding of your business, brand identity, marketing objectives and target audience, we will prepare a tailored marketing strategy for you by deriving ‘Content Pillars’ that will help take your brand message forward in an effective manner.


Communication channels will be decided and a monthly content calendar will be crafted and sent to you for approval. Our graphic designers and copywriters will then create highly engaging, on-brand and premium content to distribute to a growing investor audience. The content may be text, graphic or audio-visual in format.

Account Management

An Account Manager will be allocated to you to monitor your brand’s social interactions and responses round the clock. Your Account Manager will be responsible for building deep relationships with your community, managing responses, and keeping you informed if anything requires intervention. Your audience will never feel unloved or neglected!

Digital Advertising

Hyper-targeting is the name of the game in the modern world of marketing. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn allows you to reach your audience without spilling over. Talk directly to your target audience filtered by location, demographic, interests and even buying behaviour, and avoid wasting marketing dollars on dead leads.

Comprehensive Reporting

It’s essential to continuously track and measure the effectiveness of any marketing activity. Our periodic reporting mechanism allows for tweaking of the strategy if needed, or reconfirms and reassures if the current strategy is working as projected so that there are no surprises or lost efforts at the end of the year.

Reporting & Analytics

The last step of our process is the key to success, both ours and yours. As a performance-driven agency, we check progress after each wave of promotional tactics, and adjust accordingly. We routinely measure, analyze and report the effectiveness of our campaigns. This allows both the client and us to see if the strategies are working as predicted or whether they require to be tweaked. Effective marketing is that which constantly evolves in tune with its changing consumer base and their response.