The Synopsis

Lithium Chile is a Canadian-listed exploration and lithium resource company with an expansive property portfolio comprising 111,978 hectares in Chile and 20,800 hectares in Argentina. Its flagship project is the Salar de Arizaro in Salta, Argentina, where rich finds drove significant progress over the past year. In addition, the company is pursuing other emerging projects such as the Salar de Llamara in Chile.

Lithium Chile started its partnership with Global One Media in January 2023 as the company sought to develop its brand equity. Increasing activity in lithium exploration meant increasing competition for investor attention. In particular, exploration activity saw high growth in the Lithium Triangle where Lithium Chile operates. Climbing demand from clean energy, electric vehicle, and battery industries is fueling the surge.

Our Approach

While Lithium Chile focused its work on exploration and development, we concentrated on stepping up its online presence and investor recognition. Our goals included:

  • Enhance investor confidence through web presence
  • Highlight the company’s rapid progress
  • Deliver an omnichannel marketing strategy

New Website

The core of the company’s investor communication strategy is its website. Creating a lasting first impression is the first step in connecting potential investors with opportunities in Lithium Chile.

The Global One Media team overhauled the website with a sleek, modern look intended to enhance trust in the company’s brand. Given the company’s wide project portfolio, we ensured that the relevant content for each project was clearly compiled and accessible on a single page.

With the redesign, user-experience was our top priority. It now takes fewer clicks to access different pages on the website, allowing users to navigate with ease. For visual enhancement, landing pages were revamped and spaces were filled in with eye-catching visual elements.

To support further traffic to the website, we turned next to Lithium Chile’s social media channels. As the company began to enjoy a slew of positive developments, our primary objective is to maximize the reach of investor-friendly updates.


Before its partnership with Global One Media, Lithium Chile maintained only a sporadic presence on Facebook. The company’s old page laid largely dormant since 2019.

Starting in February 2023, as part of our omnichannel marketing campaign, we activated an all-new Lithium Chile Facebook page featuring content created by the Global One Media team, including infographics and announcements. We delivered redesigned assets for the channel, including an updated logo and banner, as part of our broader effort to modernize the brand. The new page has then since enjoyed a significant flow of meaningful engagement thanks to the compelling captions and artworks. We ensured that each post directed users to the Lithium Chile website via clearly indicated calls-to-action.


For LinkedIn, we mirrored our approach to our work on Facebook. As LinkedIn contains a sizable investment audience, we designed the content to attract investor attention.


In contrast to Facebook, Lithium Chile’s Twitter channel remained active prior to the company’s engagement with Global One Media, albeit with infrequent posting activity. Since we began managing the company’s Twitter channel, we increased the amount of regularly posted content while maintaining the respectable engagement rate it enjoys.

In planning the content, we optimized visuals to meet Twitter’s format requirements. Examples include quotes, bulleted lists, and snippets, which display important details from Lithium Chile’s work in a clear and understandable way.


Lithium Chile’s Instagram page was established in February 2022, well before Global One Media’s involvement with the company. By the time we partnered with Lithium Chile, we sought to fully utilize the features offered by the channel, including reels and stories. The content is tailored to fit the format hosted by Instagram.


Lithium Chile executives were featured on Global One Media’s TikTok channel Stocks To Watch. We highlighted interview snippets designed to captivate investors’ attention. Short-form video content enabled us to create concise and interesting narratives from the company, especially as Lithium Chile enjoyed a succession of positive developments in the middle of 2023.


Global One Media’s Stocks to Watch series is also available as podcast series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Podomatic, Audible, and Google Podcasts. The latest interviews from Lithium Chile can be accessed easily and on-the-go. The success of this format is reflected in Stocks to Watch’s recent #1 ranking in the podcast category for “Investing” on all platforms.


On YouTube, the company currently runs its own YouTube channel where they feature full-length discussions and webinars. But by far, Lithium Chile receives the highest level of visibility on YouTube via our Stocks to Watch channel. Vice President & COO Michelle DeCecco and CEO & President Steve Cochrane have guested in several key interviews.

Email Direct Marketing

Leaving no stone unturned, we devised a precise email direct marketing campaign aimed at investors, followers, and other audiences.

To encourage followers to subscribe to Lithium Chile’s mailing list, we allocated one post a month to advertise the service with a direct link to the subscription page. Current subscribers receive regular press releases through their email accounts. The email direct marketing campaign is designed to help audiences keep up with the brisk pace of Lithium Chile’s progress.


Throughout 2023, we crafted a comprehensive and captivating array of content for Lithium Chile.

  • 128 pieces of unique content created, including;
  • 116 social media visuals and copies;
  • 12 feature videos and video clips;
  • Rolled out a website with a sleek, modernized look;
  • Generated website traffic by deploying a unified omnichannel marketing campaign;
  • Sustained engagement in the company’s channels with increased content;
  • Engaged audiences with the company’s lithium portfolio and latest progress.

On the financial side, Lithium Chile saw a 34% improvement in share price since February. Increased investor attention played an important role in achieving this success.