About Us

We’re constantly pushing boundaries, relentlessly innovating, never content with the average. We’re global, we’re experienced, and we believe in creating a world where your marketing dollars never sleep. 

We believe in hyper-targeted solutions that drive home your message and lead to investor action. 

We’re a full service, 360-degree marketing agency where corporate communications, brand positioning and digital strategy converge. With offices around the globe serviced by multicultural teams, we leverage the latest technologies and social media platforms and utilize them for your business interests.


To unlock social mobility on a global scale for our clients.


By democratizing access to investing, our mission is to empower people from all walks of life to invest in a more diverse range of stocks.

Global yet Local

With offices across the world, we bring global expertise to influence your predefined markets. We understand local cultures and nuances, and talk to your audience in a manner customized to them.


We use tools and systems that work 24/7, all year round. So, your marketing dollars are well-spent and never rest. Millennials are unpredictable in their patterns and we are constantly rethinking and reimagining ways to reach them.

Our Values

Integrity | Customer satisfaction | Accountability | Innovation

Meet Our Team

Many Faces, Multiple locations, One Mission – To help you reach the pinnacles of your success, and then soar higher.

Bastien Boulay

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Moneer Barazi

Business Analyst/Host

Ashleigh Barry


Rianne Valdezco

Director of Operations

Dito Ramadhan

Digital Project Manager

Febby Manaf

Creative Director

Ziga Cigole

Business Development Manager

Michelle Choi

Executive Assistant

Kip Martin

Creative Project Manager

Daniel Brousseau

Account Manager

Jamrey Bigornia

Graphic Designer

Caesar Rosales

Multimedia Specialist

Margaux Manalo

Content Writer

Gershon Dela Cruz

Content Writer

Shem Clores

Social Media Coordinator

Shekinah Molato-Alba

Social Media Coordinator

Sean Webster

Asia-Pacific Partner | Cynosure Capital Partners

Sam Grier

Western Canada Partner | Stirling Merchant Capital Inc.

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