“Marketing is about telling the world you are a rockstar. Influencer Marketing is when their best friend tells them the same.”

Traditional word-of-mouth marketing has now evolved into the refined form of Influencer Marketing. Savvy investors trust a set of financial influencers, and often make investment decisions based on their recommendations.

At Global One Media, we bridge the gap between these savvy investors and our clients. By harnessing the collective power of more than 300 key financial influencers, we can help your message reach 50+ million followers. Leverage this hyper targeted marketing tool and reap the benefits of an extremely efficient conversion rate.

Why Use Influencer Marketing


Help investors make informed decisions based on information from a source that they trust.


Control the narrative. Choose how you want your brand positioned in the minds of potential investors.


Pick high-impact channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, Instagram and more, to reach investors seeking reliable financial information.


Access 50+million people when you engage our network of 300+ financial influencers across 600 social media channels.


Bring down your ‘cost per lead’ with this highly targeted digital marketing method, reducing spillovers.


Team with creators who produce brand-safe content to meet your specific needs, even in highly regulated industries.

Chat Groups

Guide investment conversations on influential chat groups. Great tool for disaster management in times of crisis.