Step aside, Google. There’s a new search engine sheriff in Gen Z town: TikTok. In a survey by Her Campus Media, a US-based media and marketing company, 74% of Gen Z internet users use TikTok for search and 51% favor it over Google.1

For Zoomers, TikTok isn’t just a platform for viral challenges and lip-syncing. It is quietly undergoing a revolution– transforming into a search engine for a generation that prefers bite-sized information and visual storytelling.

In this blog, we’ll explore TikTok’s popularity among Gen Z users and how it is reshaping marketing strategies.

TikTok’s Appeal to Gen Zs

TikTok appeals to Gen Z for two key reasons. First, dwindling attention spans have changed the way people consume information. 

In 2004, the average attention span on any screen was two and a half minutes.2 By 2023, it had drastically decreased to 8.25 seconds.3 This short attention span is now a common trait among Gen Zers. 

Lengthy articles or dense walls of text found online do not pique Gen Z’s interest like they used to. Instead, Zoomers crave quick, visual bursts of information. Hence, the platform’s short-form video format thrives by providing users with easily digestible and shareable content.

This is particularly relevant in the realm of finance and investing, where young people seek information and tips from TikTok finfluencers. With videos typically lasting less than 60 seconds, users can search for and absorb knowledge in digestible chunks. Imagine searching for “how to invest in stocks”, and instead of a technical guide, you get to see real people explaining concepts, sharing experiences, and offering insights.

Second, the platform personalizes a user’s search experience. Unlike traditional search engines, TikTok’s search bar presents information relevant to your interests and needs.

For example, searching for “mining stocks” yields videos related to the reels you liked and accounts followed. This feature aligns with the younger audience’s consumer behavior, as a 2023 global survey from Statista revealed that approximately 60% of Gen Zers prefer brands reflecting their personal values.4

TikTok’s Impact on Marketing Strategies

TikTok’s emergence as a search engine presents opportunities for companies looking to connect with Gen Z consumers. 

For marketers, influencer marketing is a key strategy on TikTok. The platform has influencers with dedicated followings, making them valuable partners for brands seeking to reach the Gen Z audience.

A research study indicates that 63% of Gen Z and Millennials trust influencers over brands. Collaborating with influencers whose content aligns with a company’s brand values allows marketers to leverage TikTok’s highly engaged audience to amplify a company’s message and drive brand awareness. 

Creative advertising strategies tailored to TikTok’s short-form video format are also essential. Given that Zoomers’ attention spans are becoming shorter, it’s crucial to have content that captures their interest quickly. 

Examples of effective content include showing what’s happening behind the scenes in a company, encouraging followers to create content featuring a firm’s products, and discussing topics that resonate with Gen Z, such as women’s empowerment.

Global One Media’s TikTok Marketing

TikTok is more popular than ever. The platform’s evolution into a new search engine for Zoomers makes it a powerful marketing tool for companies looking to build a massive and loyal Gen Z following.

As TikTok continues its meteoric rise, marketing experts here at Global One Media are proactively embracing and understanding this pivotal shift in digital marketing. Not convinced? Check out our official TikTok channel.

Ready to take your Gen Z marketing to the next level? Contact Global One Media today to schedule a free consultation and discover how we can propel your company into the spotlight on TikTok.

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