It’s easy to understand why investments are daunting for many people. The vast scope of investment topics and concepts present a steep learning curve for first-timers adding to the risk of financial loss and general discomfort with big numbers. But this fear of taking a first step is not unusual. According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Capital Markets: Democratization of Retail Investing report, 40% of the non-investors chose not to invest simply because they are intimidated or find the subject too confusing.

Surprisingly, however, 70% of the respondents expressed that they were likely to invest, or invest more with better knowledge. The good news is that there is a plethora of online communities dedicated to knowing all there is to know about investment. These 7 YouTube personalities are sure to guide any investment and finance strategy.

Patrick Boyle @Pboyle: Quantitative Finance

Patrick Boyle is a hedge fund manager, a university professor, and a former investment banker. His channel may be focused on quantitative finance but his content covers a whole lot more than that. In his weekly videos, Boyle dissects breaking developments in the financial industry and the economy in relatively short and digestible documentaries. His following of more than 470,000 YouTube subscribers can certainly vouch for the good professor.

Richard Coffin @The Plain Bagel: Personal Finance, Economics

For a personal finance strategy that needs a little direction, Richard Coffin a.k.a. The Plain Bagel is a suitable maestro. As a CFA and CFP professional, Coffin dedicates his channel to helping viewers make educated financial decisions. The Plain Bagel’s content focuses on investor behavior, finance strategies, and analyzing how different events affect markets and investments. Richard also isn’t shy to critique popular but misleading investment content. Currently, The Plain Bagel enjoys a following of around 645,000 subscribers. Not bad.

Joeri Schasfoort @MoneyMacro: Money and Macroeconomics

Joeri takes a dive into money and macroeconomics in his aptly named Money & Macro channel. Because investing is inherently tied to the larger economy, a good foundation on the economy’s inner workings is key to a good finance and investing strategy. Trust Joeri to dispense thoughtful insights from monetary policy and the biggest economic developments of the day through a series of entertaining but informative videos. At the moment, Money & Macro has about 240,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ben Felix @BenFelixCSI: Personal Finance

More often than not, things are not what they seem. Ben Felix of Common Sense Investing lends a hand to decipher how financial decisions and market dynamics affect investments. From how to build a retirement fund, to investing in IPOs, and to how central banking works, Ben makes sure to deliver all these clearly and concisely with simple rules that will certainly stick to mind. Over 304,000 subscribers now follow Common Sense Investing on YouTube.

Erik Abrahamsson @TheSwedishInvestor: Personal Finance, Stocks, Investment Gurus

Sometimes it takes a little personal touch to spark investment inspiration. Erik Abrahamsson fields his time-tested advice over at The Swedish Investor channel. With almost a full decade of experience investing in the stock market and an avid reader of finance and investment literature, he is the go-to guide for stock market investing. Erik also dedicates a good portion of his channel to timeless lessons from investment greats like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. For the right validation to get the investment mood up, head over to The Swedish Investor now with more than 742,000 subscribers.

Aswath Damodaran @AswathDamodaranonValuation: Corporate Finance, Valuation

For a truly in-depth technical immersion into the investment world, look no further than Aswath Damodaran, who specializes in corporate finance, valuation, and investment philosophies. Aswath also teaches at the Stern School of Business at New York University. His university lecture videos provide thorough and exacting discussions on a wide range of finance and valuation topics. The professor’s lectures are well-suited for both intermediate and advanced learners looking to refine their financial mathematics. Over 514,000 learners are now tuned in to the channel.

Global One Media @GlobalOneMedia: Investment insights, Industry Exclusives

Last but not least, Global One Media is blazing a trail for retail investors with an array of exclusive interviews with emerging leaders across a broad range of listed small and mid-cap companies. Global One Media specializes in quality, in-depth discussions on different stocks in different sectors delivered in an appealing and informative way.

Global One Media Group maintains a presence not only on YouTube but also on TikTok and other social media channels, perfect for investment learning whenever and wherever.

Take the opportunity to learn from these online tutors and this may just be the starting point for the world’s next great investment journey.

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