Staying updated with the financial world can be challenging as changes occur in stock markets rapidly. Hence, today’s investors are turning to Telegram channels to instantly  receive trustworthy and up-to-date financial news.

With countless Telegram channels, it is challenging to find a reliable source of the latest stock market updates and trends, financial commentary, or current economic affairs. Don’t worry, here’s a carefully curated list of the top Telegram channels for you to subscribe to!

1. Bloomberg

With 121,000 subscribers, Bloomberg’s Telegram channel is one of the most reputable sources on the platform. They provide the latest global news and business headlines daily. You’ll always get a good grasp of what’s going on in the business and finance world. What’s neat about the channel is that the news tidbits are concise and straight to the point. If you want more information, you can click on the links provided in the channel to read Bloomberg’s full articles.

2. SGX Market Updates

SGX Market Updates delivers international news, analysis, and commentary on stocks and finance, especially the latest from the Singapore Exchange. This Telegram channel curates articles from various sources like Channel NewsAsia, The Business Times, The Edge Singapore, The Straits Times, RTTNews, The Economic Times, and many more. Its 8,000+ subscribers can access a wealth of reliable information from these sources.

3. CNBC TV18

The official telegram channel for CNBC TV18 provides in-depth Indian and international market coverage and business news. Subscribers can also get a glimpse of India’s state of economic affairs. Take note that the International Monetary Fund states that the Indian Economy remains one of the fastest-growing in the world in 2023. CNBC TV18 currently has over 58,000 subscribers.

4. Business & Finance News

US business news can be found on the Business & Finance News Telegram channel. An independent source with more than 19,000 subscribers, the channel offers daily updates on a range of topics, including economic and business policy, stock markets, and technology.

5. Mint Business News

Over 116,000 subscribers of Mint Business News’ Telegram Channel are informed about stock market updates, share market news, BSE and NSE shares, bank nifty share price, NCDEX updates, IPO alerts, gold prices, startups, industry news, commodity numbers, and crypto news, among other topics. To help followers easily browse the channel’s news content, Mint utilizes hashtags such as “#StocksToWatch” and company name hashtags. The channel also shares Mint’s explainer articles and commentaries to help investors understand what’s going on in the economy today.

6. MYC Signals Forex & Commodities

MYC Forex and Commodities’ Telegram channel delivers trade-entry signals to its 5,700+ subscribers for both foreign exchange (forex) and commodities, including gold and oil, to cater to the diverse needs of investors. Aside from this, MYC provides a weekly forex market update that shows the latest gold and oil prices as well as market currency news. For those interested, MYC offers signal set-ups to members of their VIP Forex & Commodities group.

7. Global One Media

Global One Media provides up-to-date company announcements, project updates, and stock information. Looking for investments with the potential for high returns, diversification, and undervalued opportunities? Global One Media covers news on mining exploration, energy (oil and natural gas), cleantech, health tech, crypto, and metaverse companies with microcap stocks.

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