The ways in which the younger generation explores and consumes content are changing dramatically as the digital landscape evolves. A surprising revelation made by a Google executive recently proved how social media is becoming not only a source of entertainment but also a go-to search engine among Gen Z users.

TechCrunch reported that Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan disclosed at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech in July that a growing number of today’s digital consumers prefer searching for information on social media rather than Google Search. Raghavan revealed that based on their internal research, which surveyed people ages 18 to 24 in the US, 40% of them go to social media apps like Instagram and TikTok to watch videos to discover information. The Google exec highlighted that this has to do mainly with Gen Z’s preference for visual content.

With this latest trend, it is truly crucial for businesses to adapt to the younger generation’s way of consuming information in order to convert them into customers and investors. Gen Z will become an even more vital target market for businesses around the world in the years to come. A Bank of America Research primer revealed that the income of this generation will grow to $17 trillion by 2025. Gen Z will represent 27% of the world’s income at $33 trillion by 2030, which will eclipse the global income of the millennial generation in the following year.

The online users’ evolving way of discovering information further cements the crucial role of social media in marketing and promotions. Video content will play an immense part in influencing the purchase decisions of consumers moving forward.

To help amplify the video content game of your business, here are quick tips on how you can produce more compelling social media videos.

Know Your Audience

The first step in creating effective video content is knowing the profile of your audience. You first need to do extensive research on your target market’s online behaviors, demographics, and interests, among others, in order to produce social media videos that will be attractive to them.

There are various methods to achieve this. First, you can utilize social media listening tools and Google Analytics to extract data about your audience. Second, you can conduct online surveys to find out the pulse of your followers.

Storytelling Is King

Effective storytelling is one of the best ways to entice online users into watching your video content. Evoking emotions through a fascinating narrative is a certain way to gain views and encourage users to invest time in your content.

Your video should provide value to your audience. Will it spark inspiration in them? Will there be a key takeaway after they watch your video Ultimately, effective storytelling happens when you contribute to the internal transformation of your audience.

Grab the Attention of Your Viewers in the First Few Seconds

The millennial generation has an attention span of 12 seconds, while Gen Z only has 8 seconds. For this reason, it is essential that the first few seconds of your video grab your audience’s attention in order to keep them glued to your content.

One of the best ways to do this is to raise a question at the beginning of your video or to create a strong opening line about your topic. Sharing a statistic or data can also help spark major interest.

Educate Your Audience

Platforms like TikTok are not only social networking platforms but also learning tools. In fact, among the most popular categories on the app are educational videos covering a variety of topics like DIY, fitness, investing, and tech, among others.

Social media platforms are also a means of micro-learning, wherein information is distributed in small chunks for it to be more digestible for the learners. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, micro-learning makes learning 17% more effective. It is no wonder a lot of the younger generation are interested in using social media to discover information and to expand their knowledge of the world.

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