It is a well-known fact that the African continent is the most abundant in natural resources in the world. As such, it is usually the case that companies from across the globe focus their attention on the resources and reserves existing there. Asia and Latin America are also important locations for enterprising exploration projects given their richness in minerals that are critical for the transition toward carbon neutrality. Operating in those areas can offer cost efficiencies and tax benefits, reducing overall expenditure on exploration. Yet, exploration projects can also come with high-potential for success in many developed countries, as the example shown by Gold Line Resources.

About Gold Line Resources

Gold Line Resources is a Canadian junior gold mining company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company is engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in North Europe, specifically in Sweden and Finland. It is listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange as GLDL.

The company’s portfolio consists of several projects in the advanced and early stages. Those projects are located in very promising areas which include the underexplored Oijärvi Greenstone Belt in Finland and the Gold Line Mineral Belt of North Central Sweden.

Gold Line’s Exploration Properties and Portfolio


In Sweden, the country is managing several projects in the Gold Line belt, which is located in the Västerbottens Län mining region of Northern Sweden, 600 km north of Stockholm. The Gold Line belt is a north south trending Paleoproterozoic greenstone belt formed during the Svecofennian orogeny.

Gold Line Resources controls four project areas in the goldline belt in the heart of Sweden. THose projects areas are: Paubäcken, Storjuktan, Klippen and Långtjärn, and they extend over 60,000 Ha.

The Paubäcken Project consists of three contiguous licenses covering 17,000 hectares located in the central portion of the Gold Line belt. The Project contains 22 kilometres of the regionally significant “Gold Line” structure which can be traced for over 200 kilometers in regional geophysics data. All mineralization discovered to date shows a spatial relationship to this structural corridor, occurring mainly on second and third order splay structures.

The Paubäcken Project hosts the Aida target, which is located three kilometers northeast of the operating Svartliden plant. The Aida target consists of a >5 km shear corridor identified from magnetic geophysics data. Regional top of bedrock drilling in 2021 identified gold and pathfinder anomalism coincident with the structural corridor. A maiden drill program completed in November 2021 intercepted 22.5 m of 2.4 g/t Au in hole PAU-21-003 hosted within a sheared and altered basalt unit within the structural corridor.

The Storjuktan Project is a large, early-stage project strategically positioned north of the Barsele deposit, and it consists of seven contiguous licenses covering 30,000 hectares located in the northern portion of the Gold Line belt. The logistics of this project are fairly healthy as there is excellent infrastructure with regional highways, rail lines and hydroelectric dam all within 50km of the license package.

The Klippen Project consists of two contiguous licenses covering 10,400 hectares located in the southern portion Gold Line belt. The project contains >15 km of an interpreted second order splay structure off the main Gold Line structural corridor. Historic work has identified a 5 km Au, As, Cu, Zn anomaly in shallow glacial till coincident with the structural corridor identified from airborne magnetic data. Follow up top of bedrock and diamond drilling have confirmed in situ mineralization under a small portion of the anomaly with several kilometers of structural corridor so far untested.

In its Långtjärn Property, the company has a license covering 22,336 hectares located at the northern end of the Gold Line Mineral Belt of North Central Sweden. The geophysical data suggests the continuation of the Barsele VMS trend north and limited historical drilling has identified extensive mineralization.

Additionally in Sweden, the company is managing the Solvik Project, which consists of ten licenses covering 9,240 hectares located in the Mjøsa-Vänern Belt of southwest Sweden. The belt stretches north-south along the border with and into Norway. Mineralization within the belt has been identified historically, but the belt is only seeing modern exploration in recent times. Historic work by Agnico Eagle includes structural interpretation from magnetic geophysics and LiDAR data, extensive bedrock mapping, heavy mineral panning, till, outcrop, and boulder sampling, and diamond drilling with the best interval of 19.4 m of 2.5 g/t Au at the Solvik target.


In Finland, Gold Line is working on leveraging the Kylmäkangas deposit at the Oijärvi greenstone belt, which is located in northwest Finland, in the Meso- to Neoarchean Pudasjärvi complex. Discovered in the early 1990s by the Finland Geological Survey (GTK) using regional magnetic geophysics. It is one of the least studied greenstone belts in the region.

Initial exploration by the GTK involving mapping, till geochemistry surveys and diamond drilling led to the discovery of the Kylmäkangas Au-Ag deposit. The Oijärvi Project was eventually acquired by Agnico Eagle in 2006 and purchased by Gold Line Resources in 2021. An updated NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resources Estimation on the Kylmäkangas deposit was completed by Gold Line Resources in 2022 with an Indicated and Inferred resource of 2.70 million tonnes grading at 3.6 g/t AuEq for 311,000 AuEq equivalent ounces.  

Gold Line Resources acquired 5 Exploration permits from Agnico Eagle in 2021 over the Kylmäkangas deposit in the central portion of the belt. Following this, Gold Line Resources applied for and received an Exploration Reserve permit over the rest of the 17,600 Ha Oijärvi greenstone belt, bringing the entire belt into the Gold Line Resources portfolio.

The Kylmäkangas Au-Ag deposit is the largest known gold occurrence in the underexplored Oijärvi Greenstone Belt. The Kylmäkangas deposit has a NI 43-101 compliant Indicated and Inferred resource of 311,000 AuEq ounces grading at 3.6 g/t AuEq published in 2022. A total of 19,580 meters have been drilled on the deposit in 75 diamond holes.

Risk Management Can Make All the Difference for Exploration Projects

Effective risk management is vital for exploration projects to progress toward becoming productive mines. Gold Line understands how important this function is and the team saves no effort when it comes to gradually mitigating all sorts of risks around projects. This starts before projects are intimated and resources are committed. Gold Line studies the areas carefully and gathers as much data and information as possible to understand the nature of the geology there and predict the presence of mineralization zones if any exist. This requires advanced knowledge and modeling capabilities to be able to form a reliable hypothesis. Gold Line has an impressive track record in this domain as its leadership team has experience in venture capital, finance, and exploration within the mineral sector as well as many others. In total, the team has at least one century of experience in leading projects to success.

Final Thoughts

Gold Line is capitalizing on a valuable opportunity in the north. Its projects exist in areas where historical exploration has shown true potential and those areas remain largely under-explored. Modern exploration techniques and sophisticated knowledge, such as those used by Gold Line, can greatly impact project outcomes and help expand resource estimates consistently. The data that is available in Finland and Sweden about geological structures will also prove to be a great asset for Gold Line in the short and long term. Overall, at its current valuation, Gold Line seems to be a good opportunity for investors who want to establish exposure to gold and other precious metals through a company that works in stable jurisdictions. With more certainty around its exploration properties, its stock still has a lot of room to grow.

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